Newborn n Babies Photography

Newborn Portraits: This is the Time! 

A huge congratulations to you as proud parents. There’s no more precious time than this new beginning.  Every minute is filled with excitement, joy and change. Quite literally, your opportunities for baby’s newborn portraits only last for about 2 weeks! Be sure to schedule your appointment as soon as possible. When you’re ready, we’re ready!

Newborn portraits can stir up incredible emotions for a lifetime. Those first few days are sincerely awe-inspiring. The miracle of life before your very eyes. Newborn photography portraits reflect this magnificent time. Serenely sleeping in the most innocent of poses, details of tiny fingers and toes, hints of sweet smiles, and gorgeous eyes. A family sewn blanket , colorful bows and hats, the family pet in the shot, and of course you as new parents, revealing your deepest of love to your baby.

Photographic Memories

You’ll be looking over your beautiful baby’s photographs for a lifetime with fond memories that only grow more powerful as you watch your child grow up.  These baby and newborn portraits  have the power to bond your family even tighter. Lifestyle portraits of Mom and Dad with baby, baby with mom, baby with dad, they all have the power to influence greater love, deeper joy.

You’ll have choices with shooting at your home environment, or creating a studio feel. Each has its pros. You’ll have choices with black and white or color and plenty of fine art finesse in between. There’s endless possibilities for creating the perfect newborn portraits for you and your growing family.

Baby portraits are best at around 3 months, 6 months, and a year.


Please call to discuss creative ideas, and schedule your newborn or baby portrait session. I’ll happily guide you through all the possibilities and answer all of your questions.

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