Maternity Photography

Maternity Photography

Professional Maternity Photography Portraits that capture the true miracle and mystery of life.

Thaddeus Harden is a Southlake, Dallas Texas, Maternity Photographer specialist creating beautiful, timeless maternity photography portraits for discerning clients.  His maternity images are renowned for their sophisticated lighting, expressiveness and romantic and or cheerful mood.

The Miracle of Life Begins with Mom

Maternity photography studio portraits focus on the intimacy of lighting, the expressiveness of shape, and the one-on-one connection that a woman solely has with her unborn child. That relationship is celebrated.  Lighting that mystifies, revealing beauty while concealing the more self-conscious aspects of pregnancy. In a word, Spiritual.  The process is slow, and comforting, yielding breath taking fine art master pieces. Crafted from beginning to end with careful consideration of all elements, lighting, color, composition, wardrobe, posing and expressiveness. The final results are archival fine-art prints that glorify this truly remarkable journey.

 Let There Be Light

Environmental maternity portraits are outdoors or in homes, capturing the joy, love, beauty and promise of new life to come. On the lighter side, these maternity portrait sessions convey your lifestyle. Using as much natural light as possible, the energy is loose, fun, light and exciting. There’s more opportunities for story telling and these images are easy to share with everyone.

Modern Maternity Photography Enhanced 

With the advent of the digital age, Thaddeus has invested fully into all aspects of digital photography from capture to post digital enhancements. The creative possibilities are sincerely endless. Using the latest of state-of-the art cameras, lighting, computers and software, the creation of outstanding portrait master pieces remains the exclusive focus of his fine art photography business.

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